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May 5, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 1151 US News

Are Most Americans too Domesticated to Go Off Grid?

Going off grid in today’s world does not require mountain man survival skills.

However, there is a perception that a array of skills are needed in order to live off grid.  For better or for worse, technology,  transportation, and the internet can make off grid living a lot easier than it used to be.

This David Pakman clip highlights the limited but popular mindset that most Americans have about off grid living today. It seems to hold onto a ‘old world’ old west view of off grid living without internet access or other modern benefits of today’s technology.

Some people even run websites from their off grid shed to make ends meet.

Most off gridders however are able to put their car to use if they rather work for others in town.

Thanks to automobile technology, anyone can commute from point a to point b without mountain man skills.

Therefore in today’s technological age, surviving out in the wild without mountain man skills is not needed. One does not have to be totally isolated from others if they work online and or commute into town for work or leisure.

The opinions expressed by David and his co-cost are more or less excuses they and others make for not sacrificing the pleasures of their own life in the city. They are not willing to live as free as others and their statements indicate they do not even know what off grid living entails today with the advent of portable technologies that exist outside the grid.

Some people for some reason will be more drawn to live closer to nature than others who wish instead to reside in America’s largest cities while blaming Washington for our problems.