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September 18, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 1346 Colorado, San Luis Valley

Bizarre Battle over Parking Spot in Denver

Parking in downtown Denver can be a nightmare and the battle over one spot was caught on camera.

The confrontation brings up an interesting question: Is reserving a parking spot illegal in Denver? The simple answer is to reserve a parking spot in Denver, you need a permit.

“There is a correct way to reserve a parking spot in Denver. You can apply for a permit for temporary use. This was not the correct way that I saw in the video,” Nancy Kuhn with Denver Public Works said.

It’s called a “bagged meter.” You’ve probably seen them before on parking meters. It means the spot is reserved, without confrontation.

“Pedestrians should only be in the street when they’re crossing at a crosswalk or intersection. That’s not a good place for a pedestrian to be where the cars are,” Kuhn said.

You can apply for a temporary permit through Denver Public Works’ website.


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  • Citizen Quasar

    While I am tempted to say something about women drivers, not to mention women voters (LOL), I think I’ll just say: “That’s another 1 minute and 24 seconds that I’ll never get back.”