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CSPAN Hit Piece on ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

C-SPAN has recently put out a hit piece targeting people that question official government narratives.

The channel in which this was found  seems to have broadened their focus from exposing racism to also lumping in regular people that don’t believe what their government is telling them. This is a mentality that is troubling.

From what I can tell, 911 Truth material and opinion seems to be considered some of the most dangerous.   In the video above, the host opens by stating that non conspiracy theorists should be concerned about those that are.

We can also see (this is a opinion) that the mainstream media is using Alex Jones to demonize the entire truth movement.

I’m concerned they will use Alex Jones to shut down free speech throughout the web.

What we are seeing now with youtube demonetization is the first step in a series of steps. Entire channels are at risk.

The irony in this clip, is the many years in which 911 Truth presentations have made their way onto C-SPAN.