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FLASHBACK! AMTV Interviews McCain on Syria (2013)

Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews Senator John McCain on war in Syria

(originally uploaded on September 6th, 2013).

The Huffington Post reported on the exchange.

“Mr. Mcain was challenged on Syria by investigative journalist Christopher Greene of AMtv. The reporter asked, “”Senator Ted Cruz said yesterday out of Texas that we should not act as al-Qaeda’s air force. The al-Nusra Front is fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army which is directly linked to al-Qaeda.

Christopher Green: “Why was the United States fighting against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, but now fighting alongside them in Syria?”

Perfectly reasonable question. But Mr. McCain didn’t think so. Perturbed, he came back…

US Senator John McCain: “Because your statement is totally false. Your statement could not be more false. Your statement is false, so if you want to say that it’s not, I’m entitled to say that your statement is false. I’ve been in Syria. You been in Syria? No, you have not. I have been. Sir, your statement was false, so I don’t have any response to a false statement.”


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