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October 2, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1064 US News

Oregon Students Protest Campus Plan to Arm Security


Video via Youtube

Dozens of Portland State University students took to the streets Monday morning, calling for campus security to be disarmed.

The protest began around 11 a.m. when students walked out of the university president’s convocation opening ceremonies, chanting “Disarm PSU” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Students say they have attempted to speak with school administration about the arming of campus security for months without getting answers.

Oliva Pace and other members of the Portland State University Student Union organized Monday’s rally.

“After all this time, we know that the only way to oppose it if we do want change is to be as loud as possible,” Pace told KATU.

The group walked off campus and onto the South Park Blocks.

Portland State University spokesman, Scott Gallagher, told KATU the rally does not change PSU’s decision to arm campus police.

Some students at the rally said guns on campus do not make them feel safe.

“I don’t believe a gun deters sexual violence. A gun is not going to save me,” Pace told KATU.

So far, the event has remained peaceful.

Some campus police officers began carrying guns July 1.




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