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Was told to leave his land because his cabin...

December 5, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1645 Colorado, San Luis Valley

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By: (Free) Agent Smith of Contributor and Editor


Friends, this is what you get when you participate in your local town’s government. Creepy enforcement SUV’s watching your every move. You thought regular checkpoints were bad in the free country we live in, wait until you ruffle someone’s feathers as you attempt to use your right of free speech. Call out local government officials on their unethical practices, having an expectation of fair treatment, and jumping into a hotzone of a town caught in the twilight years of it’s own past history of segregation will get you just that. Public servants are supposed to serve the public, and probably protect them; it should not matter if you are throwing money into the town coffers. A normal, living human being would use their position to do their duties with ethical consideration and respect. Anything short of that, and it is an abuse of power. And you can’t beat them at their own game unless you have, you guessed it, loads of cash. We’re talking about sacks of money with dollar signs painted on them. Because when governments twist their own codes to fit their ego driven needs, its nice, acceptable and legal. But when you need to defend yourself legally, you have to literally pull out a law library to find and scour for any morsel or tidbit of law that would help you get the ethical treatment you would have in the first place.

In a town where people are more concerned with watching your every move and vicariously getting lulz from trolling you online…..

In a town where the local residents are more concerned with parroting misleading information than knowing the truth…..

In a town where the friendliest locals Facebook all day while at work solely to find your location and watch you from bushes, stalk you with fake profiles, and ask you existential questions that have no answers……this is …….……THE TWILIGHT ZONE….……er….COSTILLA COUNTY.


Creepiness Factor 80%
Stalked for using rights of free speech. Very creepy.

Ethics 2%
No ethical treatment here folks.

Professionalism 1%
Behavior is highly unprofessional for public and private employees. But is fit for hitmen.

A Good Place to Visit 17%
Colorado is a beautiful place, although being treated like a criminal detracts from the scenery.

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